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If you have a photograph you’d like to submit for selection in the “Critique” feature in Photographer’s i Magazine, we’d love to see it. The deadline for submissions is Monday January 2, 2012.

Please do not use this form to submit images which you do not own or have simply copied from elsewhere on the internet or in print. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your photograph will be selected for inclusion in the magazine

Image submissions:
Please ensure that your photograph meets the following specification:

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Terms and conditions:

1. Use.
(A) By submitting this photograph (“The Image”) to Photographer’s i Magazine (“The Magazine”) you are granting permission for the proprietor of The Magazine, The Ilex Press Ltd (“Ilex”), to reproduce The Image submitted by you within the pages of The Magazine, in all editions of The Magazine, and in promotional literature, as well as granting permission for Ilex to approve or deny requests for use by third parties. This agreement does not extend to the inclusion of The Image described in Step 2 above in other works produced by Ilex, and you or the copyright holder retain full copyright in the image in which you or the copyright holder own copyright.
(B) Additionally, you agree that The Image supplied by you may be used, if deemed appropriate, on the cover of The Magazine (which may mean it will appear in digital thumbnail form on some online stores, for example iTunes, at a resolution of not more than 300x300px).
(C) You agree and warrant that The Image supplied by you shall not be reproduced for a period of sixty days from the date of first publication of the issue in which The Image first appears, by any party or in any form or media other than for the purpose stated herein.
2. Accreditation.
If selected, The Image submitted by you will be fully credited to you in the body text of The Magazine. However, it may not always be appropriate to credit The Image in thumbnail cover graphics of the type described in (B) above.
3. License
You represent and warrant that the copyright in The Image submitted by you for inclusion in The Magazine is either owned by you or that you have full power and permission to allow reproduction of The Image in The Magazine. You further represent and warrant that The Image submitted by you does not contain anything libelous, defamatory, or obscene, or impinges or violates the rights of others. You agree and undertake to keep Ilex fully indemnified against all losses and all actions, claims, proceedings, costs and damages to compromise or settle any claim and all legal costs or other expenses arising out of any breach of the above warranty or out of any claim by a third party based on any facts which, if substantiated, would constitute such a breach.
Please consider carefully before submitting your image. If selected for publication it will be publicly displayed.

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