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Contact: Adam Juniper or Roly Allen
Telephone: +44 (0)1273 403 124
Mobile (Cell): 07764 490 700

Internationally renowned photography publisher Ilex and 2.5-million selling author Michael Freeman have joined forces to produce a new digital magazine unlike any other, and the world is starting to take notice. Free sample now available online via

Photographer’s i Magazine now retina compatible!
Issue 3 out now, with a free download for iPad if you subscribe

With the launch of Issue 3 Photographer’s i Magazine is now retina-screen compatible!

While other publishers have struggled to get retina-compatible content out on the new iPad, Photographer’s i Interactive Magazine has made it look effortless, offering a magazine that looks better than print, with every image pin-sharp and text of a stunning clarity.

World-renowned photographer Steve McCurry’s work leaps off the screen in Michael Freeman’s retrospective, his already brilliant use of color further enhanced. And the images in Stephen Wilkes Empire of Light simply glow.

Responding to requests from their growing band of readers, UK-based publisher Ilex has also added pinch-and-zoom to increase the size of the text without losing any sharpness, and background downloads so you won’t even notice the necessarily bigger files that make the quality possible. Associate Publisher Adam Juniper says, “Quite frankly it’s better than a print magazine could ever be!”. Users have been quick to praise it too, calling it “stunning.”

As always the issue contains all the interactive features for which the Magazine has become famous for. And if you don’t have the latest iPad, don’t worry, the app knows which iPad you’re using and downloads the appropriate file for you, saving megabytes. There’s auto-archiving too, so you don’t need to worry about issues filing up your iPad and you can download them again at any time free of charge.

You can experience the app yourself via the website , or search for “Photographers i” in the iPad’s App Store. There you’ll find a free taster issue, a special low-priced, full-length pilot issue and a free issue if you subscribe.

Ilex Photo publishes intensely practical handbooks, reference works and now the Photographer’s i Magazine for professionals and amateurs alike. Ilex is considered to be one of the foremost publishers of digital photography know-how in the world, with many of its titles appearing regularly in the category bestseller charts worldwide.

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For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact Adam Juniper or Roly Allen at +44 (0)1273 403 124.

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